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  18 April 2013
  FaceStation Firmware Upgrade: V1.2

Suprema FaceStationSuprema's latest upgrade for the FaceSation, firmware V1.2 is now available. Major changes in this release include:

Face Recognition Algorithm Improvements
for faster enrolment, enhanced matching and improved matching speed.

User SubID Creation
A feature which allows you to enroll a user with a hat, beard, glasses, etc and then link all to the same profile. Up to five sets of face templates can be stored as a SubID for a user.

Enhanced Face Enrolment GUI

The face enrolment guide now includes 3D animation cut scenes as well as well as 3D guides to assist a user in properly enrolling their face.

Suprema FaceStation 3D Face Enrolment Guide
1:1 Face Template Updating

A high quality face template gathered during a successful 1:1 authentication can now be used as an adaptive template. This feature allows for progressive enrolment, meaning that if the image gathered during 1:1 authentication is better, then it is used to enhance the template stored on the device.

Power Line Frequency Option
A power line frequency option has been added so that the correct power line frequency can be selected in accordance with the environment.

To obtain your copy of FaceStation Firmware V1.2
Contact our friendly support team on or call us on +27 11 784 3952

Distributed by neaMetrics in AFRICA
Page description: neaMetrics is the approved distributor of Suprema's Biometric range of products in SOUTHERN AFRICA such as PC solutions comprising hardware consisting of either USB scanners or USB modules and Software that is either scanner-based or image-based.
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